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Namaste and Welcome

Dear woman,


I am delighted to welcome you!

I am Kshamta, a second generation Ayurvedic practitioner.


I am very excited to share what I have learnt through my family wisdom, my ayurvedic studies and my own experience as a woman.


Ayurveda offers immense knowledge in all stages of women's life. Each stage has a dedicated set of rules in various ancient texts. In this free guide, Rajaswala paricharya which is the menstrual routine is explained.


The menstrual cycle allows us to take a conscious look at ourselves, on what we have absorbed throughout the month. It's an opportunity to look deeper on what our body is telling us, revealing the strength or fragility of our health.


Indeed, in Ayurveda, the health of the menstrual cycle is a reflection of our overall health. It's a compass that guides us to the right direction.


I have tried to share with you a practical, concise, simple guide on how to navigate your menstrual cycle in a more holistic and conscious way by integrating simple rituals, attitudes and mindset to live happily and in tune with Nature.


I am convinced that a serene and balanced menstrual cycle is linked to better self-knowledge and better health awareness.

Image by Bence Balla-Schottner

5000 years old knowledge on menstrual health

translated into beautiful holistic rituals

Download your free guide here

Download your free guide here

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