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Organic Neem Comb

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Ayurvedic Haircare

The power of Ayurveda for your hair

I am happy to present you with all the ingredients you need from the Ayurvedic secret cupboard to obtain beautiful, healthy and lush hair. 

  • Divine Jasmine hair oil with the properties of Amla, Bhringraj & Brahmi to boost your hair growth

  • Amazing organic herbal powders so that you can make your own hair preparations (hair masks, hair oils etc) 

  • Nasya oil, to nourish your head region to promote healthy hair and scalp. 

  • Comb made out of neem wood, which your hair will love because its soft for your hair but the planet will love too (no plastic)! 

All my product are organic and eco-friendly, I believe the health of mankind depend on the health of the planet. 

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