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Your (ayur) vedic guide to womanhood

A transformative course to reconnect with your divine feminine and gain health and happiness to go through all stages of womanhood,

from puberty to menopause


Regulate your menstrual cycle and boost your fertility

- balancing the menstrual cycle is like restoring your health

Conscious conception

- because the health of the baby depends on the health of both parents at the time of conception


Garbha Sanskar

- creating a "vedic baby" by raising the mother's consciousness 

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The sacred window

- ayurvedic postpartum rituals for mother and baby to recover and bond

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Hi, I am Kshamta, a second generation Ayurvedic practionner. I am very excited to share what I have learnt through my family wisdom, my ayurvedic studies and my own experience of having two healthy children.

Ayurveda offers immense knowledge in all stages of women's life. Each stage has a dedicated set of rules in various ancient texts which I have all combined here. It includes menstrual cycle, preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, baby & childcare and menopause.


In this online program, I have tried to share with you a practical, concise, simple guide on how to navigate your pregnancy (and beyond!) in a more holistic and conscious way by integrating simple rituals, attitudes and mindset to live this stage beautifully, for a healthy & happy baby and mother!

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What you get to download:

Introduction to Ayurveda

Dosha questionnaire

Rajaswala paricharya - Menstruation in Ayurveda

Our connection to the Moon

Understanding your menstrual cycle 

Do's and Don'ts during menstruation

9 Ways to reconnect with the Divine Feminine

Garbhadhan Sanskar- Conscious conception

Preconception in Ayurveda

Factors that affect conception

Fertility Yoga 

Gentle detox plan & rejuvenation plan

The sacred union 

Garbha Sanskar - Pregnancy

Miscarriage causes, remedies and protocol

Activities to do and to avoid

Satvic - Rajasic - Tamasic qualities

Food guidelines

List of foods

Foods to favour and to avoid 

Food ideas for breakfast, lunch & dinner

Pregnancy guidelines for each month

(diet, lifestyle, mindset...)

List of positive affirmations


How to prepare for a natural birth

During the birthing process

Postpartum phase

Care for mother & baby

Recipes for each phase

What you can watch:

  • Stages of womanhood

  • Menstrual cycle and doshas

  • Preconception preparation

  • Conception

  • Fertility & pregnancy drink

  • Fertility & pregnancy diet 

  • How to stay postive during pregnancy

  • Postpartum care in Ayurveda

  • Pospartum teas

  • Breastfeeding in Ayurveda

  • Katlu recipe

  • 20mins prenatal yoga routine

  • How to reduce blood pressure naturally 

5 modules - over 10h of videos and
150+ pages of written support !
Discover ancient teachings and practical tips that have been proven to create profound transformations

To learn and understand the root cause of imbalances in Ayurveda and practical tips to restore balance through recipes, lifestyle recommendations, yoga asanas, herbs and more!  

Whether you are just starting to familiarize yourself with Ayurveda or have already been following this holistic approach for a long time, this program is open and accessible to everyone!

24h/24h and 7x7 days

access for 5 years

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