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Boost your fertility

& conceive consciously

This program was created

to build the capital health that you will transfer to your baby

Welcome to SacredSeed: Boost Your Fertility -
Your Path to Conscious Conception

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards conscious conception and unlock the sacred potential of your fertility? SacredSeed is here to guide you on a holistic 2-3 month pre-conception plan that transcends the physical and touches the realms of emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Understanding the Four Ayurvedic Factors of Fertility

In Ayurveda, fertility is a sacred union of body and soul. Discover the profound wisdom of Ayurveda as we delve into the four essential factors that influence fertility. We'll explore how balancing these factors can pave the way for your dream of parenthood.

Unraveling the Mystery of Infertility

Demystify infertility as we explore its causes and empower you with knowledge. SacredSeed equips you with insights and strategies to overcome potential roadblocks on your fertility journey.

Your Guide Through Miscarriage

Facing the heartache of miscarriage is challenging. SacredSeed offers a comprehensive protocol to help you navigate this emotional and physical journey, providing the support you need.

Revitalize with a 10-Day Detox Plan

Prepare your body for the sacred journey of conception with a carefully crafted 10-day detox plan. Cleanse your system and rejuvenate your spirit, setting the stage for optimal fertility.

Nourish Your Fertility with a Tailored Diet

Discover the fertility-boosting power of nutrition with our customized fertility diet and herbal drink recommendations. Fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to blossom into parenthood.

The Art of Ayurvedic Self-Care

Learn sacred self-care practices that align your body and soul. Our program guides you through Ayurvedic cleansing and rejuvenating practices you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

Satvic Recipes for Detox & Rejuvenation

Explore a treasure trove of Satvic recipes designed to support your detox and rejuvenation journey. These delicious, nourishing dishes will keep your body in harmony.

Unlocking the Secrets of Sex in Ayurveda

Discover how Ayurveda views intimacy and its role in conscious conception. SacredSeed will shed light on when, where, and how to conceive to maximize your chances of success.

Personalized Guidance

As a special offering, we provide a complimentary 30-minute consultation to tailor your deep cleanse plan for the best results. Your journey is unique, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Extra Bonus: 40 Recipes for Every Phase

To sweeten the deal, SacredSeed offers an extra bonus - a collection of 40 delectable recipes tailored to all phases of the program. These recipes will nourish your body and delight your taste buds.

Don't wait—your journey to conscious conception starts here. Unlock your fertility's sacred potential with SacredSeed.

A unique online program 

Start your journey to parenthood here

Preconception preparation is a necessary ourney if you wish to boost your fertility and give the best of yourself to your child.

This program is for you if 

 ✅ you and your partner are ready for a baby but don't know where to start

 ✅ you are above 35 years old and want to conceive naturally 

 ✅ you want to conceive consciously 

 ✅ you want to give your very best to your child

 ✅ you want to prepare on all levels to welcome your baby 

 ✅ you want to follow the guidelines for conception according to the vedas

 ✅ you don't know why you cannot conceive despite trying for months

 ✅ want to prepare for IVF in the most efficient way 

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