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Boost your fertility & conceive consciously

Get your partner and yourself ready for natural conception


This program was created

to build the capital health that you will transfer to your baby

Get ready for conscious conception

With this program, you will get a complete 3 to 6 months plan before conception to get yourselves ready on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

⚪ 4 factors that affect fertility in Ayurveda
⚪ Infertility and its causes 
⚪ Full 10 day detox plan 
⚪ Fertility diet & herbal drink

⚪ Ayurvedic cleansing and rejuvenating practices to do at home
⚪ Recipes for detox & rejuvenation 

⚪ Sex in Ayurveda 

⚪ When, where and how to conceive


20mins yoga routine with asanas and pranayama for women's health


After launch (22nd June 2023) : £120 

A unique online program 

Start your journey to parenthood here

Preconception preparation is a necessary ourney if you wish to boost your fertility and give the best of yourself to your child.

This program is for you if 

 ✅ you and your partner are ready for a baby but don't know where to start

 ✅ you want to conceive consciously and naturally

 ✅ you want to give your very best to your child

 ✅ you want to prepare on all levels to welcome your baby 

 ✅ you want to follow the guidelines for conception according to the vedas

 ✅ you need to follow a detox before conception

 ✅ you don't know why you cannot conceive despite all health results coming back normal 

This program is not designed to diagnose or treat any illness or medical condition. If you suffer from any illness, please consult your medical practionner before starting this program. 

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