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Namaste and welcome to my website. 

My name is Kshamta and I grew up with the principles of Ayurveda & yoga since childhood and now have over 6 years of professional experience as an ayurvedic practionner.


I am a mum of 2 and live in the U.K. Presently, I am a faculty member at Tapovan, Open university of yoga & ayurveda based in Paris, France where I teach ayurvedic dietetics, holistic lifestyle, women’s health and pregnancy.


I have founded a holistic and conscious beauty brand called ‘The Ayurvedic Mum’ with eco-conscious skincare & haircare products. I also offer ayurvedic consultations and have recently launched online programs on women's health.

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Authentic ayurvedic beauty 

with lush, effective & sustainable ingredients

The Ayurvedic Mum's mission is to develop products to enhance your beauty and health in a holistic manner.

We propose authentic ayurvedic, handmade and vegan creations with ethically sourced ingredients. 

All our products have been made in the traditional ayurvedic method of oil making over several days and are infused with the positive energies of mantras. 


Ayurvedic consultation

1:1 consultations on diet & lifestyle

Ayurveda means ‘science of life’ and our number one goal is to help you to find more health and vitality in all aspects of your life.


In an Ayurvedic consultation we look at where life is going well for you and where you may be struggling. We can explore what aspects of life are impacting your health and then together we can create a treatment plan and approach that best suits you and your lifestyle.

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Women's health online programs

Ayurveda's immense wisdom on women's health shared in a simple way

Ayurveda offers invaluable knowledge through all stages of a woman's life through puberty, to fertility, to pregnancy and menopause. 

I have created easy to understand eBooks supported by explanatory videos to create unique programs for each stage of your life. 

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