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ShaktiFlow: Ayurvedic Wisdom for Women

  • 100Weeks
  • 11Steps

A unique course that will empower you with the ancient tools of ayurveda, applicable to modern life. What you will gain with this program: - a holistic approach to health - practical tools to regain balance with my 5 level approach - balance your menstrual cycle - have pain free periods - sync your cycle with your life activities - help with your imbalances - reconnect with your feminity What you get: - full 1hr consultation to personalise your health plan - a 15 mins catch up after 1 month to discuss and adjust health plan - 50 + pages ebook to download - a detailed doshas and menstruation questionnaire - a private community to ask questions and share your journey & experience This program is unique and doesn't exist online. Hope to see you inside!

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Vedic women community

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