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Ayurvedic morning routine rituals - how to kickstart your day the Ayurvedic way
The Ayurvedic Mum

Ayurvedic morning routine rituals - how to kickstart your day the Ayurvedic way

Born 5000 years ago in the Indus Valley, Ayurveda is the science of life. Its one of the most powerful and advanced systems of healing that is based on the body-mind-soul connection. Ayurveda focuses on enhancing health versus treating merely illnesses. One of the important path for perfect health is following a good daily routine. « Dinacharya » is the traditional Ayurvedic morning routine to kickstart your day. Indeed the morning sets the tone for the whole day, and if you have a fixed routine that’s refreshing and uplifting, you will definitely have a great day and ultimately a great life ✨ . . Besides, a healthy routine prevents many lifestyle diseases and brings balance to the body and soul ❤️ It all starts with clearing toxins from all parts of the body (bladder, bowels, tongue, teeth, mouth, eyes, nose, ears) and then nourishing the body with self massage, strengthening the body with yoga and finally calming the mind with 10mins meditation. This will set the base for a beautiful and healthy life☺️ No science gave as many simple and practical tips for living healthy as much as Ayurveda!  You will be able to find all the products mentioned in the video on (previously named AYUSHI). - Copper Water bottles: - Tongue cleaners: - Neti pots: - Organic neem combs: - Traditional lamps: If you would like any Ayurvedic product, email me at Follow me on Social: Facebook:
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Ayurvedic morning routine explained & demonstrated step by step
The Ayurvedic Mum

Ayurvedic morning routine explained & demonstrated step by step

Instead of posting every step, I thought it would be easier to watch the full Ayurvedic morning routine together because it’s a whole. 1. WAKE UP EARLY The first step about a daily routine actually starts the night before! Go to bed at 10 pm everyday so you can wake up before sunrise. It is just before sunrise that Nature is filled with pure and positive (called sattvic) energies that bring peace of mind and freshness to the senses. After waking up, set a positive affirmation to start your day. It may be something as simple as 'I am healthy and happy today'. 2. DRINK COPPER WATER Water stored overnight in a copper bottle is purified and alkalised naturally. Before doing anything else, drink copper water which has the ability to rebalance the body and mind. Copper is an essential trace element that is vital for all living things and has an active role in many functions of the body. ​Warm water with lemon & honey may also be a good replacement for caffeinated drinks. ​ SHOP COPPER BOTTLES: 3. EVACUATE Drinking copper water will help you urinate but help to to trigger bowel movements. Ayurveda recommends to evacuate all your waste to jump start your day feeling lighter, healthier and relaxed. If you are not eliminating daily, be sure your diet includes of plenty of fluids and fiber. And to support regular bowel movements, try taking Triphala capsules at night. 4. WASH YOUR FACE Clean all your senses and start by rinsing your face, eyes and mouth with fresh water. Splash water on your eyes several times (open and close your eyes whilst doing that). This is refreshing and energising for your body and your mind. 5. tongue scrape & BRUSH Brush your teeth with a bitter or astringent tooth paste/powder (not a sweet one as this promotes bacteria) and clean your tongue with a tongue scraper. This will remove the white coating (toxins and dead bacteria) on your tongue, improve oral hygiene, remove bad breath and help overall digestion. SHOP TONGUE SCRAPERS: 6. OIL PULL Ditch the toxic mouthwash and swish 1 tbs of sesame oil in your mouth for a few minutes (10mins if possible) and spit it out in the food waste (oil clogs pipes). Oil pulling is said to 'pull' bacteria from the mouth, remove bad breath, prevent cavities, strengthen teeth, gums, jaw, and voice, while improving the sense of taste. Coconut oil can also be used for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties or olive oil for its ability to fight inflammation. 7. Clean and nourish your nose Add 1/2 tsp to 1 cup of sterile warm water into the neti pot. Tilt your head and pour the neti pot in the superior nostril and keep your mouth open to breathe. Repeat on the other side. This helps with nasal congestion, colds, allergies and many respiratory problems. After this, add a 3-5 drops of sesame oil into your nose as this helps to lubricate the nose, clean the sinuses, and improve voice, vision, and mental clarity. Our nose is the door to the brain, so nose drops nourish our life force (prana) and bring intelligence. SHOP NETI POT: 8. Self-massage Performing a self-massage is an essential part of the Ayurvedic routine. It nourishes and strengthens the body, improves blood circulation and stimulates internal organs. Apply organic oil to your face and body for about 10 mins. Start with the extremities and work towards the middle of the body. Use long strokes on the limbs and circular motions on the joints. Massage the chest and abdomen in broad circular motions. 9. Bathe Make your natural soap with a mix of rose petal powder and yogurt that you can apply on your face and body. This will remove excess oil from the self-massage, exfoliate and moisturise for a radiant and clean skin. Comb your hair with our eco-friendly neem comb that has cooling properties that prevent hairfall. SHOP ROSE PETAL POWDER: SHOP ORGANIC COMB: 10. YOGA & MEDITATE Morning is the time where our energy levels are highest so the perfect moment to exercise! Practice yoga asanas for at least 10 mins. 12 sequences of Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations are the perfect way to start the day as it gives a quick and effective workout. Light up a ghee lamp to attract positive energies and complete your morning routine with meditation which will bring you peace of mind. EXCLUSIVE OFFER THE MORNING ROUTINE KIT: Simplify your mornings with this zero-waste Ayurvedic kit at an amazing value. It includes a leaflet explaining you the 10 step Ayurvedic morning routine and instructions on how to use each item. This is also a perfect gift idea!
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