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Ayurvedic Skincare 

The power of Ayurvedic plants for your skin 

Beauty is the harmonious interaction of elements and forces that comprise the human body, human mind and human spirit. 

Deepak Chopra

Ayurveda uses what Nature provides us to treat our bodies, skin and hair. 

I am happy to reveal the Ayurvedic secrets to beautiful hair and skin with a beautiful selection of pure, organic and carefully selected herbal powders. 


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What people say

Hi Kshamta, I've has the copper water bottle for over 6 months now and I use it everyday without fail, I love how the water tastes and how I no longer use plastic bottles. It's sturdy made of very good quality copper. I pop it in the cotton bag it comes with take it with me in my handbag and its great. It requires a good clean once a week and looks as good as new. I've ordered one for my partner and he likes it too!


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