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Adi Shakti & the divine feminine

✨A D I S H A K T I ✨

Adi Shakti is the supreme goddess, who is the original creator, protector, and destroyer of the entire universe. It is believed that when there was nothing in existence, a light appeared and took the form of Adi Shakti ⚡️

All goddesses are considered to be a manifestation of Adi Shakti and her various strengths and attributes. The 3 main goddesses are:

✨Lakshmi- the goddess of abundance

✨Saraswati - the goddess of knowledge & creativity

✨Parvati - the manifestation of love, marriage, beauty & fertility (Durga & Kali are incarnations of Parvati)

Contemplating and worshipping the goddesses can help us come close to universal forces which otherwise seem vast and impersonal.


Ways we can connect with our divine feminine:

1. Honour the body as a temple

Coming in peace with our own bodies is an important aspect. In today’s society, women are bombarded with images of young & perfect looking bodies which do not reflect reality. Acknowledging and healing traumas & complexes will help us reconnect with our true self.

Feeding our bodies Satvic food (pure and fresh food) will raise our Ojas (immunity & light) along with our vibrations.

2. Become aware of breath Practice pranayama, especially Chandra Bhedana which is an alternative breathing practice: breathe in through the left nostril and breathe out through the right. As women we are connected with the Lunar energy and the left nostril helps us connect with our feminine side.

3. Practice Hatha Yoga

Women these days are pushed to behave like men. Studying, having successful high earning salaries whilst still bearing & raising children as if they didn’t work. This is called the ‘Solar’ energy or the masculine energy which is the energy of action and dynamism. In the energy of constantly ‘doing’ and ‘achieving’. When do we rest and let go?

Nowadays, even different types of yogas are revealing the ‘solar’ energy. Dynamic and hot yogas do not let us reconnect with our divine feminine.

Hatha yoga is the solution to RELAX and let go.

Ha means the Sun and Tha is the Moon. This type of yoga is gentle and soothing. It allows times of postures and the same time is allowed for relaxation. A soothing moment for your body, mind & soul.

4. Respect the menstrual cycle

Menstruation is the ultimate symbol of feminity. When periods start, we become capable of harnessing the power of creation and life.

However, when we suppress the natural cycle of periods through various hormones, we lose touch with our own Nature and the bond with the Moon. Honour and celebrate your periods, they represent our goddess power.

5. Reconnect with Nature

Rivers, mountains, forests, fields, lakes are considered and worshipped as goddesses in Vedic culture. The abundance they give is a reflection of our own abundance.

6. Do not compare yourself with men

Biologically we are not made as men. Emotionally we are not equal to them either. We have nurturing, caring, loving and supporting qualities that are unique to us women.

Whilst we may find resistance to thia die to modern upbringing, it is important to acknowledge that we do not need to be, behave and do the same things as men.

7. Get together with other women

In the ancient times, so many festivals meant women would gather up, chat, dance, sing and celebrate in a community.

It would be sacred and safe place for them to share their problems and be heard.

Today whilst we are disconnected with the ’community & village’ feeling and more in the ’international’ drive, many women can find refuge

in organised ‘women’s circles’ popping up everywhere, where women finally reconnect with each other in a spirit of ‘sisterhood’ (and not competition which is prevalent nowadays).

On this woman’s day, I invite you to reconnect with our inner goddesses.

I would love to know if you have other ways 🙏🏼

🙏🏼 Happy women’s day 🙏🏼

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