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Epidemic and Ayurveda

I feel we have entered the peak of a phase in the life of humanity called Kali Yuga in the Vedic scriptures (age of darkness), that is full of uncertainty, fear anxiety with the outbreak of corona virus.

This epidemic has deeply affected every single one of us, throwing the world into a standstill.  

The vedic texts have written about this in the Charaka Sahmita under the term "Janapadodhvamsa"

What is an epidemic?

Composed of two words Japapada means community, nation, humanity.

Udhamsa destruction, so its a disease that destroys a large population.

The causes are divided into two, individual and community.

There are also common factors responsible for epidemics which are:

Inevitable causes:

The influence of planets, stars, the moon, the air and the 10 directions which result in irregularity or disruption of the seasons.

This disturbance which in turn will alter the taste of medicinal plants and leads to the development of different types of diseases.

Obviously the deregulation of the seasons is difficult to rectify, as is any disorder of air, water or soil, unless of course they are caused by humans.

Avoidable causes:

All human actions called "adharmic", or all types of bad actions and all faults of the intellect.

Ayurveda mentions 4 objectives of human life including kama (pleasure), artha (ways to a prosperous life), dharma (essential life purpose) and moksha (liberation).

Here, lets focus on dharma.

Dharma means virtue, morality, law or personified justice, it means to act according to the order established in a just and virtuous manner. A closer look will easily show that this is the exact opposite of the societies in which we live.

The Vedic texts go further, indicating that the increase of perversion and or the absence of truth & fair behaviour or other inappropriate behaviour is one of the factors triggering epidemics.

What are the remedies?

  • Behave correctly and avoid immoral actions, as well as intellectual errors

  • Panchakarma (physical, mental and spiritual detoxification) and rejuvenation therapies with the goal of increasing the body’s immunity.

  • Follow the code of conduct advocated by Ayurveda, sadavritta, tell the truth satya, experience compassion for all beings, practice charity, be kind to everyone, be generous.

  • Practice anything that increases tranquillity and peace

  • Read sacred and enlightening texts, in company of wise people and those who know how to control themselves

  • Raising satva guna (purity) in everyone’s mind by increasing awareness and light can help prevent outbreaks.

  • Practice enlightened sexuality or brahmacharya (celibacy).

These actions if carried out by everyone can save lives according to the texts.

However, the texts say that if the death of an individual is predestined then it is inevitable and no medicine can do anything. If the individual has engaged in negative actions towards other human beings  (actions performed due greed, anger and ego), then he will suffer or die in his next life. This is commonly known as the theory of karma.

Which essentially means that even if we take all the precautions, all the herbs and medication, if we have not cleaned our mind of bad thoughts & bad actions the outcome is inevitable. And this is surely the reason why we are all confined, so that we get to think about ourselves and our lives.

Some practical recommendations:

It is essential to maintain good immunity and a strong mind:

  • eat fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C citrus, apples, cabbage, parsley, carrots, pumpkins, garlic ... you can add turmeric and ginger depending on your dosha, because some of these foods have a heating energy that will not be suitable to everybody.

  • cook from scratch as much as possible and eat hot,

  • avoid cold and leftovers as much as possible

  • drink warm water throughout the day to help your digestion,

  • drink copper stored in a copper bottle overnight first thing in the morning

  • avoid heavy meals which reduces your agni (digestive fire), thus your immunity

  • follow the daily routine (dinacharya) proposed by Ayurveda

  • exercise every day, a 20min yoga session, a short walk (around the house!) ...

  • take the time to practice a spiritual activity, prayer to the divine, meditation,

  • work on fear, all your fears so that they don't take over you,

  • clean your interior of bacteria and others by burning sage, camphor or bay leaves.

  • you can also use a diffuser with essential oils of Ravintsara, Tea tree or Eucalyptus

  • Ayurvedic immunity boosters include Guduchi (tinospora cordifoia), Tulsi (oscimum sanctum), Ashwagandha (withania somnifera), Musta (cyperus rotondus), Haldi (turmeric longa) amongst others.

Let's stay home, take care of ourselves and loved ones, meditate on this pandemic and what we can change in ourselves and behaviour so we avoid another similar situation.

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