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Healing and detoxifying winter drink

Beat the cold and warm up the body & soul ❤️

Healthy, delicious and will keep you away from do many illnesses and allergies. Flu, cold, migraines, infections, nausea will be gone and you will gain in immunity and energy along with beautiful clear skin 💁🏻‍♀️ and you will loose those extra kgs you been waiting to loose 😱 . . Recipe: 1. Grate fresh ginger in water and let it boil and infuse for a few minutes 2. Take off gas and add lemon juice and raw organic honey 3. Optional - add tulsi or mint leaves for more benefits and yumminess ☺️

Ideally drink this in the morning or throughout the day in replacement of your caffeinated drinks.

If you are Pitta, limit quantity of ginger and honey.

If you enjoyed this, leave us a comment and share your pictures :)

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