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The 5 grand elements of Nature

A fundamental principle in Ayurveda is the theory of the five grand elements or the pancha mahabhutas in Sanskrit. Its the concept that the whole universe is an interplay of the energies of these elements (from the most subtle to the most dense):

1. Ether (Space) - Akasha ✨ 2. Air - Vayu💨 3. Water - Apas 💧 4. Fire - Agni 🔥 5. Earth - Prithvi 🌎 Dr. Frawley explains the relationship between the 5 elements in the following manner, “All elements originate from ether. Ether moves to become air, air causes friction to become fire, fire becomes water as it becomes denser, water becomes earth as it coagulates. And all five elements are contained in the Earth.” The 5 elements are the different manifestations of Awareness and Consciousness and also make up the doshas (constitution or mind-body type). It is these 5 elements that form the building blocks of life. Everything in the universe is created from a certain ratio of the 5 elements, living and non-living. By understanding the dominant elements inside a person, substance, food, emotion or environment, we are then able to know what influences will be exerted upon the body and mind. We can then find ways to increase the opposing elements to create balance or more of the desired qualities for that moment.

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